A unique creation

In order to create a bespoke headpiece Louise personally works directly with the client. This will involve a series of consultations, at critical stages, in our boutique. It is truly a creative collaboration between Louise and you, our client.

Each headpiece is carefully handcrafted in the workroom in Wallingford. It is often being designed to compliment a specific outfit. Of course, many ladies ask us to work with their dressmakers for that very special occasion. 

"Hats are a great antidote to what's going on. It's really their purpose to put a happy face on a sad world." - Stephen Jones

“Without hats there is no civilisation” – Christian Dior

An interview with Louise Walton


What were you doing before?

When did the business officially launch?

Who are the key people behind the business and their roles?

Who are your usual customers?

Have you had any famous customers?

Where do you get your inspiration from?

How do you make sure people choose the right hat to suit their face?

How do people choose between a hat or a fascinator?

Which are your favourite events of the year to wear a hat to?

What plans do you have for the business for the year ahead?

What has been a particular highlight of the journey so far?

What’s your proudest work moment been?

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?


Just Wanted to say a massive thank you for my stunning peacock hat, it was a real headturner at Royal Ascot. An American gentlemen asked me for a picture and the contact details of the designer. So I obliged!

Miss C.P.

Hi Louise, my mum loved her red hat at Regatta so much! She said it made her feel like a million dollars. So I’m sending you some pictures.


Lady E.K.